social decay

Hardcore / Folk / / USA
Hardcore since 1984 New Jersey based band- current line up- Tommy-guitar Tim-Drums.. Richie-bass... Pugsy- Vox we have played with top billing hardcore legends Agnostic front ,madball,GBH,Sick of it all, wisdom in chains,murphy's law ,Maximum Penalty ,Biohazard, D.R.I. Crowbar, suicidal tendencies the list goes on.. we have stayed true to our beliefs. Eps on Vinyl-Life's not hard you're just soft on 8-ball records -2012 release of the 1985 demo on scared youth records vinyl..... 2011 recording sick society 13 songs on Land-o-smiles cassette soon to be on vinyl,...check out our website on facebook and www.reverbnation/socialdecay. new merch coming soon!!!